CHIMPANZEE & BONOBO - Pan troglodytes & Pan paniscus

13x18cm, A4, 50x70cm

Chimpanzees and bonobos are our closest relatives; the later sharing about 98.7% of human DNA. They have opposable thumbs like we do, make and use sophisticated tools, live in communities with complex social relations and have logical thinking. Once considered the same species, yet chimpanzees are slightly larger, stronger and more aggressive than bonobos. During territorial disputes, as displays of power, even murders are common. Because they are so much like us, seeing their brutality is just as incomprehensible as watching our own.

Signed, archival quality, giclée artprint based on a original hand drawing, on natural white Canson paper

made in Budapest, E.U.
El?z? k?p K?vetkez? k?p
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