Studio Silasi

Gábor Szilasi
MA Product Designer, Design Consultant

In 2006 Szilasi graduated summa cum laude from the Hungarian University of Art and Design.
His thesis project earned him the diploma prize by the Committee of Creative Artists, as well as a special recognition of the Design Council at the Hungarian Design Award.

An internship at Braun, Dieter Rams' former office and the collaboration with the Danish design studio Jacob Jensen - the most influential European design houses - further refined his already strict views.
In 2007 returned to finish his master degree in design management.
In the same year he received the Moholy-Nagy László design grant, a 3 year professional scholarship awarded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the National Office of Research and Technology and the Hungarian Patent Office.

Szilasi bases design on reduction with the main language being geometry. Complex problems translated into easily understandable shapes, building an honest and uncomplicated result. By eliminating the unnecessary and focusing on the core of the solution, the aim is to think everlasting instead of short-lived trends.

"Szilasi has gone as far as the limits can be reached by design today in formal minimalism." Hungarian Architecture

Currently based in The Hague, Netherlands, apart from developments in self produced projects, Studio Silasi is open for collaborations in the broader fields of design.
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