Relative squares

Compositions of black and white squares, looking for perfect geometrical shapes in reference to each other.

Each composition, or rather a visual statement, is a conversation between one or two, or several 3 dimensional cuboids and their highlights/shadows. The contrasts of the painted and the real shades move about as the viewpoint changes, giving life to the piece.

Each piece of the series is revolved around finding humour in mathematics, and the limitless solution to a single problem. The contrasts are the ying and the yang, the antagonist and protagonist, the salt and pepper or each illustration. There may be one or more squares, painted or sculpted in 3D, projected in a form of a shade or made to stand out in white - depending on the way it’s looked at. It is a search for perfection in the imperfect.

It’s all black and white, until put into perspective.
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Fine arts
- Poly squares P1
- Poly squares P2
- Poly squares P3

Design projects
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